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Our latest website – Bar Meze – St. Albans.

This is our latest website created with a ‘one-page’ layout design, making the whole site easy to navigate and view while out and about using your mobile device.

We took most of the images and have plans to create an introduction video in the near future.

Call us on 01582 622413 or 07855 104202 to see how we can help your business website become mobile friendly.

We design to impress

We’ll create any design you wish from traditional to contemporary, we take great pride in working together with you to realise your expectations. If you have a design idea, we can turn it into a reality!

If you don’t know where to start then take a look at your competitors’ sites, you can quickly choose the best aspect from each, perhaps one has a funky font, another has great animation while the third has a fantastic colour palette, we can combine all these elements together, creating a unique looking site just for you!

St Albans Website designer in Harpenden
St Albans Website designer in Harpenden

Your new website will look ultra clear on mobile devices!

All our sites are mobile compatible and with 60% of Google searches now performed on mobile devices, it’s important for your site to be mobile compatible too!

Google’s ranking system now includes mobile compatibility, meaning if your website is not mobile friendly, your site will now be listed below those of your competitors which are! Your visitors will appreciate the clarity of your site when they are out and about, and need information in a hurry.

Thinking of a website?

Perhaps you have taken the plunge and started your own business, or have an existing business but have yet to embark on the journey into the world wide web, it’s critical to give the right impression!

That’s where we can help; our skills, experience and knowledge are here to assist you in setting up the website your business deserves. Visitors will judge your business on this digital impression you’re making, so the first impression really is important!


Time for a website facelift!

Take a look at your website, chances are, you’re quite pleased with it. It functions, brings in sales, but here’s the problem: the web is changing. What worked and “looked nice” three years ago is now a relic of a bygone era that may repel as many visitors as it attracts.

As trends and innovations unfold, prudent business people are forced to recognize that “good” is a relative term, contingent on time and context. Is it time to take the plunge and re-design your website?

Logos & Branding

We create logos using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, the final image is in vector format which means it can be resized to fit everything from your business card to your van! We are happy to supply the final logo on disc for your own use. All designs are copyright free meaning you may use them anywhere without our written permission. Our custom logo design service starts from just £50.00 we will create three designs for you to choose from, your favourite can then be tweaked to your preference. Please contact us for more information.

Website logo company in harpenden


Product photography

Product presentation is critical, all products must look consistent throughout your website, any non-professional images will degrade the look of your entire site and risk losing vital customers. We can photograph all your products in our private studio or, if required we can come out to you! The majority of our photographic work is clothing and static products, our private studio is available by appointment, we are happy to visit you on-site if required so please call us for a chat on either 01582 622413 or 07855 104202.


Why would a website company be involved with models? Well, we believe clothing and jewellery look much better on people than on mannequins, and as part of our one-stop-solution for your website needs, we are able to show you our model portfolio, where you may choose the best people to model your products. For anyone interested in becoming a website model, we are looking for all types of people for upcoming website projects. Our models earn between £20 – £40 per hour, we do not charge for your portfolio photoshoot and all images taken are provided to you on a CD with our compliments.


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We have many more examples, please contact us on 01582 622413

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